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Like just about every other gym rat out there I injured myself at Crossfit, badly. I was an acupuncture virgin, I am so glad Naomi was my first experience. She is calm, precise, fast and caring. An hour later, one session, I walked out of her office with far more ease.  That evening I had my first glimpse of life post pain! Huzzah!


Yelp (Minneapolis)

I have been in pain for a while now since my job consist of a over working regiment to my arm for the last 17 plus years I tell everyone my arm is falling off!  I found Dr. Naomi who has been treating me now for the last few weeks and I can actually feel my arm again so that I can continue on with my career! All joking aside if it wasn’t for her I would have to retire my arm or have some sort of surgery that I can not afford.  I recommend her and Acupuncture Vegas for ANYONE looking for an alternate to drugs and knives for any pain that ales you! Thank YOU Dr. Naomi for your skills and talents now my arm is not falling off!!!

Anna J

Yelp (Las Vegas)

Amazing!.  Deep relaxation and healing experience. Thank you Dr. Richman. Too relax to write a long review. Lol.  We all should get acupuncture.  🙂

Lynn L

Yelp (Las Vegas)

Dr. Naomi Richman was great! I read the reviews on Yelp and so decided to give her a shot. Very professional and took her time to answer my questions. I would definitely recommend her. Appointments were easy to book online.

Kristina M

Yelp (Las Vegas)

I too found Naomi through a groupon, and not at a better time. My Husband and I have been working on having a child for sometime. My aunt had suggested many times to check out acupuncture, she said it helped her. I was taking to a friend about it then check my email only to see a groupon email, so I jumped on it. Naomi was very helpful and had a grounded ease about her. i had just placed my father under hospice care so she offered to work on stress and grief as well. I’ve been going once a week now and my body just knows its time to relax and release as soon as i hit the table. Thank you so much!!!!

Jamz B V

Yelp (Las Vegas)

At 38 weeks pregnant, my baby decided to turn and was in a breech position. I contacted Dr. Richman who fit me in that day, and performed moxibustion with mugwort herb on each pinky toe for 20 minutes per side. She spent time teaching my husband how to do it to save us the trip back/forth as it was to be done nightly in order to be most effective. She even met us on a Sunday when we ran out of mugwort and couldn’t find any in China Town. After 5 nights, my daughter turned head down and was ready for delivery. I truly believe she helped prevent a more painful outcome with my OB-GYN, and we are very grateful for her knowledge, expertise and level of customer service. We plan to explore her practice next time our toddler is sick too.

Cara A

Yelp (Las Vegas)

What a find! Naomi is a true professional. She is very knowledgeable about acupunture and Oriental Medicine period. She is a great provider and is very mindful of her patient’s nuances and quirks. I trust this human as an acupunturist and a friend. She works to help you feel comfortable whether this is your first or twentieth visit. I highly recommend Dr. Naomi Richman.

Jen L

Yelp (Las Vegas)

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