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General Individualized Sessions (ADULT, TEENS):

  • Initial Office Visit and Acupuncture Treatment (60 minutes) – $75
  • Follow Up Acupuncture Treatment (45 minutes) – $50
  • Cupping Only (20 minutes) – $30
  • Gua Sha Only (20 minutes) – $30
  • Herbal Consultation Only (20 minutes) – $30
  • Holistic Bodywork (CranioSacral Therapy, Acupressure, Shiatsu or Tuina) (60 minutes) – $90
  • Holistic Bodywork + Acupuncture (90 minutes) – $120

Pediatric Services (KIDS – 12 and under):

  • Initial Intake and Treatment (60 minutes) – $65
  • Follow Up Visits – $25 to $45
  • CranioSacral Therapy (30 minutes) – $45

* To Keep Our Prices Low We Prefer Cash or Checks.

I was in a car accident October 2011. I started going to a chiropractor shortly after, and had continual on and off neck and upper back pain. In May 2012, my neck/upper back started to swell, and I felt constant pain.I lost weeks of sleep, couldn’t sit/stand for long periods of time, and I was absolutely miserable. When I went to my chiropractor, I was told I needed to get an MRI, and when the results came back (scarring on my muscles, and slight slip disc) I was told that I needed to quit my job to dedicate my time to chiropractic visits for 18 months and that I would be in constant pain most likely for the rest of my life. I told my mother about it, and she looked into alternatives. She called many acupuncturists, and Naomi really stood out to her.

I have now been going to Naomi for about a month, which is around 6-7 visits total and I can honestly say I am 100% pain free. I go once a week, now every other week, and it is the most relaxed I feel all week, really can’t feel the needles going in, and not at all seconds after. As a matter of fact, I knock out and sleep the whole time, wake up a little groggy, but get super energized the rest of the day, and feel no pain the rest of the week.

And, if you have a test you need to study for, tell her, and she’ll put needles in your head. It’ll make you smarter, and you’ll be energized enough to study all night 😉

She is the absolute best. My mom is going to go, as well as my dad and my boyfriend.

Deanna M.


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